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Lecture halls with proper seating capacities. All lecture halls are quite spacious. The teachers can reach to each and every students comfortably and observe on the activities of students. The lecture halls of the institute is fully equipped with audio visual aids such as LCD, OHP, Slides, Models, Charts etc.

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Shines through like a BEACON of information, it has a wealth of books, periodicals and journals to its credit. It is the life line of information to the students providing them with reference material for in-depth studies. The library offer calm and quite environment for peaceful study.

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The laboratories are completely equipped with items required as per in Norms. All the laboratories are constructed with keeping in mind their compatibility as each laboratory is equipped with fresh air inlet and adequate space to accommodate students comfortably during their practical hours.


The Institution has state-of-the-art computer lab with many computers at students’ disposal, offering practical sessions for students. It has adequate ventilation, lighting and comfort settings for easily access by students. This lab will be used by the students to practice the application of computers in the field of nursing.

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The institute recognizes that a major concern to all students is the availability and quality of accommodation. We have well furnished hostel facilities for our students. The hostel provides excellent living rooms, recreation facilities, sanitary facilities and good water supply for 24 hours.

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A small food court providing snacks, savories, hot and cold beverages, Bengali/Kerala food & meals available to our staff, students and guests at our canteen. It is a break-away from work and research activities.

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Transport facilities for the student are made available by the institution. A fleet of comfortable & safe transport is being provided for all the students. Transport facilities for our students during clinical postings in affiliated hospitals, community areas and during educational visits.

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With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, our institution emphasizes equally on sports. It is the constant Endeavour of the Institution is to see that the students grow intellectually as well as physically. The students regularly participate in inter-collegiate tournaments in various sports and games events both within the campus and outside the campus and won several prizes.

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Our Own Multispeciality Hospital provides job offer letter at the time of admission for all students and after successful completion of their courses the Hospital absorbs interested candidates & appoints them with best package as per market standard.

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Student are posted our own community centre at Madhugiri, Karnataka. As per the field experience requirements. The students are also posted to the urban community areas for clinical experience. The students participate in health camps, School health programmes and health related programmes conducted by the hospital.